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At DrainMaster, we offer residents living in the Gahanna area drain cleaning services that are innovative and affordable. With our services, your drains will be cleaned of excess debris and restored to their proper functionality.

Clogs are capable of forming from various types of organic material, and because of this, our drain cleaning services are vital to keeping these clogs from choking the water flow and potentially causing the pipeline to burst. Our professional technicians at DrainMaster have the skills and tools needed to perform a complete, thorough drain cleaning session and effectively remove clogs no matter their size. In order for our work to be successful, we conduct a sewer camera inspection to determine the nature of the problem and diagnose the overall health of the sewer system. This inspection is included in our drain cleaning services and is especially important for older properties that may still have older types of pipeline materials installed, such as clay or Orangeburg. Depending on the amount of damage discovered in our inspection, this will inform our decision and make sure that the solution we come up with is the best, most logical route to take.

If the damage isn’t too severe and we can simply remove the blockages or other complications with our cleaning services, we will recommend hydro jetting as the preferred method. Hydro jetting is a process that is trenchless-based, requiring very little equipment to be successful. Our technicians insert a hose into the faulty pipeline, and attached to the spout of the hose is a specially designed nozzle. This nozzle redirects the water and sprays it at the entire diameter of the pipeline, ensuring that every portion of the pipe is accounted for and cleaned thoroughly. The water is hot and pressurized to ensure that the presence of clogs and waste buildup is fully removed. The water is pure and clean, making it an eco-friendly solution that is safe to use in potable water systems and eliminates any risk of the pipelines suffering from corrosion, a common symptom of the ineffective drain cleaning liquids sold in stores.

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Our hydro jetting cleaning sessions are so effective that at DrainMaster, we are proud to offer these services regularly to our customers when requested. With frequent cleanings, you can rest easy knowing that your pipelines will be operating at full power without any clogs or organic materials being trapped and causing problems later on. Our hydro jetting services encourage our customers to be proactive and maintain their pipelines regularly, extending their lifespan and ensuring that they will continue to operate smoothly for a long time.

If you live in Gahanna and require fast, eco-friendly drain cleaning services, call our team of professionals at DrainMaster. We will arrive at your home promptly, and within a single day, the foul odors and stagnant draining plaguing your home will be eliminated and your pipelines will be restored. Our services are of the highest quality and we are proud to provide our customers with the best work in the industry.

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