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A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems, and it is typically an easy fix with a plunger. However, when your toilet is severely clogged or other sewer line problems are present, it is a job best left to a professional. Our plumbing experts at DrainMaster can find the problem and repair it to avoid recurring clogs or other damage to your Columbus, Westerville, Grandview Heights, Upper Arlington, Shawneed, Dublin, Powell, Hilliard, or Gahanna, Ohio system.

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When to Call a Professional for Your Clogged Toilet

A clogged toilet can overflow and cause a health hazard or even property damage. No one wants a flooded bathroom, so here are a few simple tips can help you deal with a clogged toilet swiftly:

  • You can tell you have a clog when your toilet doesn’t drain as quickly as it normally does, or it may even begin to fill with water. Especially when the latter is true, immediately turn off the water to prevent it from overflowing.
  • Use a plunger to try to clear the clog. There should be enough water in the toilet to cover the bottom of the plunger. Push up and down repeatedly to clear the obstruction.
  • When a plunger isn’t working, call the professionals at DrainMaster.

Chemical solutions or mechanical tools can damage your toilet or your sewer line, so let our skilled technicians handle any serious clogs.

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Clogged Toilet Repair with DrainMaster

After performing an inspection, our technician will make recommendations to fix your clogged toilet. We offer drain cleaning services or professional snaking when buildups are blocking the flow of your pipe. If your toilet has been damaged, we can also perform repairs or replace the entire fixture.

If damage has occurred because of tree root invasion or other problems, we also offer sewer line repair and replacement. We utilize modern trenchless technology whenever possible to minimize the impact to your property and avoid digging up your flooring, landscaping, or other features.

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Preventing Future Clogs

Many clogs can happen as a result of misuse, and following a few guidelines can help you avoid future problems. Do not use excessive amounts of toilet paper, and don’t flush any other paper products like paper towels, tissues, or cleaning wipes.

Many clogs can be caused by toys, balls, or other foreign objects being flushed. Keep the toilet lid down or even close the bathroom door if you have children and pets. Lastly, regular maintenance on your plumbing system will help you avoid future buildups.

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A problem in your sewer line is disruptive and can even result in property damage. That’s why our dedicated technicians at DrainMaster will show up right away and get to work to minimize the impact to your daily routine. Our advanced techniques allow us to fix virtually any sewer line in a timely manner. We have been family owned and operated for the last 20 years, and our dedication to high-quality plumbing repairs means our customers keep coming back. If you are experiencing a recurring clog or other signs of a blocked sewer line, give us a call to get started today.

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