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At DrainMaster, we specialize in a variety of sewer and drain repair and replacement services. Your water main is one of the most important parts of your property because it allows clean water to flow into your home or business. Water mains work tirelessly to support you in accomplishing everyday tasks like washing the dishes, taking a shower, or watering the lawn. Over decades of use, your drain pipes degrade and may start causing plumbing concerns. When this happens, it’s in your best interest to call your industry experts at DrainMaster to service your drain pipes.

Water main repairs require years of knowledge and the right tools to provide home and business owners with lasting solutions. At DrainMaster, you can expect reliable water main repair and replacement services by highly qualified industry professionals. Our team at DrainMaster uses trenchless technology, so we can do the job in less time than traditional excavation methods.

DrainMaster offers water main services in the following locations:

Camera Inspection at DrainMaster

There is a reason why we are the preferred plumber in Columbus, OH. The services we use at DrainMaster are highly reliable due to the sewer camera inspections we conduct at the start of every visit. Water main inspection is the first step towards pipe repair. The camera inspection process involves a high-definition waterproof camera being inserted into your pipe to move through and reveal the extent of damage within your drain system.

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Reasons Your Water Main Could Be Damaged

At DrainMaster, we are capable of effectively repairing your drain system with speed and efficiency. Home and business owners never plan to have water main issues, but there are several factors that can lead to damaged water pipes. These factors include, but are not limited to:

Pipe Age: The longer the pipe is in service, the more likely it is to develop cracks, holes, and leaks.

Pipe Material: Material such as clay and prevailing soil conditions can cause premature crumbling, cracking, and corrosion. Water and ground temperature can cause water main breaks, while weather and seasonal changes can freeze and thaw your pipes, thereby weakening it.

Pressure Levels: Pressure changes during hot days and when there’s high water usage can weaken pipe structures.Tree roots: Shrubs and nearby trees can invade your pipes and choke it from the inside.

Repair Your Water Main with Pipe Lining

At DrainMaster, we can repair your water main without digging large trenches across your property that you’re left to fix. The advanced pipe lining procedure we use at DrainMaster is innovative, affordable, and environmentally friendly, thus eliminating the risks and concerns that come with site excavation. Home and business owners do not have to worry about hitting utility lines, endangering people, and damaging roads and sidewalks. With trenchless pipe lining, our team can repair and restore your pipes in a timely manner.

Before the repair takes place, our technicians take into account important data including soil condition, joint type, and pipe material. After gathering the necessary information, we can determine an appropriate and lasting solution for your water main. The inside of your water pipes will be cleaned using hydro jetting, an eco-friendly cleaning technology that sprays pressurized water into your pipeline from a special hose and multi-directional nozzle. All traces of buildup, minerals, and calcified deposits will be safely removed from your drain system.

When conducting pipe lining to repair your sewer main, DrainMaster technicians insert a soft sleeve that’s coated with special resin into your damaged pipeline. As the sleeve is pushed through the pipeline, it coats all walls of the pipe with epoxy and is left to cure-in-place for several hours. Once the resin is hardened, the sleeve is removed and there is a brand-new pipe inside of your old one. A final inspection is carried out to ensure the problem is resolved and the water main is restored to its normal function.

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There’s usually a small sign of a pipe malfunction before it breaks and becomes a full-blown emergency. Home and business owners should be able to notice if there’s anything wrong with their drain pipes, but other times they can be harder to see. If you notice rust-colored water coming out of your tap, loss of pressure, or an unusually high water bill, call the experts at DrainMaster and we’ll come and solve your water main problems with speed and efficiency. We are fully equipped and have the right expertise to carry out the latest water main repair services.

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