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While many homeowners are diligent about performing regular repairs on or updates to their electrical systems, roofing, insulation, and landscaping, the sewer system is often a neglected component of home maintenance. At DrainMaster, we keep the maintenance process easy with our innovative drain cleaning services, ensuring that problems in the drains are kept to a minimum and that your home remains secure and healthy.

Our team recognizes that it’s very rare for the system to break down overnight, and the results of pipeline problems are often due to small problems accumulating over time. By identifying the right symptoms early on, our drain cleaning services can keep your pipelines operating smoothly:

  • Sounds in the pipes
  • Stagnant or slow-moving water in the sinks
  • Noxious, lingering odors of sewage in bathrooms and basements
  • Low water pressure regardless of water usage
  • Rust or particulates emerging in the tap water
  • Chronically overflowing toilets
  • After a toilet is flushed, water backs up into a nearby bathtub or shower

At DrainMaster, our experts are trained to not only identify these symptoms at the start of our visit through a sewer camera inspection but also to determine the best approach these complications as well. Our drain cleaning services are safe and eco-friendly, features that allow us to address these problems with ease.

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The Drain Cleaning Process with DrainMaster

Following a comprehensive inspection to determine the best solution, at DrainMaster, we are proud to have moved away from using less reliable methods for cleaning the drains, such as snaking tools and chemical cleaners. Snaking tools, while effective for smaller clogs, aren’t able to remove extremely dense formations, and careless usage can result in the pipeline becoming more damaged. In addition, chemical cleaners act as a temporary solution but are incapable of fully removing the clog safely through the line, and the toxic chemicals found in these cleaners is incredibly corrosive and can eat away at the pipeline materials. These methods leave room for error, and because of the risks, we rely on hydro jetting to get the job done for us.

Our experts simply require a cleanout or drain to serve as an access point for our hydro jetting equipment to be inserted, comprised of a water pressure tank, a hose, and a uniquely designed nozzle that is attached to the spout of the hose. The hose is inserted into the pipeline and is able to produce blasts of water pressure at 4000 PSI that is sprayed in rotational motion because of the nozzle attached to the spout. The force of the water is able to remove dense clogs and other problems, including debris and waste along the walls. The water used in this cleaning process is cleaned and distilled, ensuring that no chemicals are in the supply and preventing the risk of corrosion inside of the pipeline materials, which also makes it safe to use in homes and potable water systems. With no risk to the pipeline itself, we are able to completely remove clogs and other problems inside of your drains, making this cleaning process extremely reliable and effective.

Our experts recommend ordering a drain cleaning and sewer camera inspection together on an annual basis, as a form of checking up on your pipeline system. This keeps your pipes operating at their peak performance and ensures that small problems are noticed and treated early on. We are proud to offer routine inspections of your pipes and clean them as needed so that you can save time and money in the long run.

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