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Traditional methods of sewer repair involved hours of excavation and labor. Because of this, the sewer repair job often took weeks to complete, and in the process, upheaved properties and landscaping with extensive property damage that needed to be repaired after the job was done. At DrainMaster, we are proud to have moved away from relying on the dig-and-replace methods of the past in favor of trenchless sewer repairs, no-dig solutions that keep homeowner’s properties in Upper Arlington completely intact.

At DrainMaster, we offer trenchless sewer repair as the preferred solution because it is a more eco-friendly and fast solution to sewer line problems. In place of the heavy machinery that was relied on to dig trenches, we deploy small teams of highly skilled technicians equipped with advanced tools to get the job done. We strive to stay on top of the newest developments in the industry, and when new methods and equipment is developed, we adopt them into our workflow so that our customers get to benefit from innovative, technologically advanced solutions.

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Our trenchless sewer repair process is prefaced with a sewer camera inspection and, if it’s required, a hydro jetting session to clean the sewer line. Each of these steps plays a vital role in the success of our work, and we wouldn’t be able to get great results without employing these steps first. Our sewer camera inspection is conducted by inserting into it a camera attached to a long cable, and this insight into the sewer lines directly allows us to assess the overall state of the line and look for signs of degradation or cracks. Once we get to the problem area, we can easily determine the cause of the problem and choose the best way of fixing it.

Before we can install a new sewer line with our trenchless methods, the pipeline needs to be completely cleaned of excess debris and waste. This is quickly done with our hydro jetting equipment, an invaluable tool that allows us to cut through tree root clumps and mineral deposits by blasting high-pressure streams of water into the sewer line.

Our trenchless sewer repairs can be installed after the pipeline is fully cleaned, and this involves inserting a liner coated with epoxy resin directly into the pipeline through the access point established at the start of our visit. The liner is placed along the length of the sewer line that requires the repairs, and our equipment inflates the liner against the sewer line. The epoxy resin coating the liner is forced to coat the sewer line and covers the presence of leaks, cracks, and corrosion. After it is evenly applied, the liner is removed and the epoxy resin is required to cure and harden for a few hours. Once it has hardened, the epoxy resin acts as the new pipe, replacing the old pipe by adhering to its interior. The new pipe is extremely durable and has anti-corrosive qualities that will allow it to function smoothly for many years.

At DrainMaster, we are committed to offering the residents of Upper Arlington only the best and the latest trenchless sewer repair processes. For more information, call our team today and we will be happy to discuss the process and the benefits with you.

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