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A sewer line that doesn’t do its job is more than just a potential hazard to your property. Every single person who lives or works in your home or building can have their health affected by a blocked or completely burst sewer line. Our customers from Grandview Heights, OH know that property that’s designed for people to spend time on cannot function without a working sewer. And they’ve learned to rely on the services of DrainMaster when they suspect something bad is going on with their sewer lines.

Sewer lines don’t have it easy. People use them to flush away all sorts of things. Often enough, something that’s not meant to end up in the sewer will find its way into the line and start causing trouble. The human element might be at fault because people will often think that whatever will go down the drain or the toilet can go there. Other times, it might be nature’s fault — roots are common causes of damage to sewer lines. Our technicians have seen both, and everything in between, and they have the skill set necessary to perform any type of repair on a sewer line.

But before they can make sure that your sewer line will serve you well for years to come, they need to find out what’s causing the problems. Because they are professionals with years of experience and access to the best possible tools for the job, our technicians will perform a sewer camera inspection before they start talking about possible solutions.

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A camera inspection is the best way to get to the cause of sewer line problems. Our professional technicians use HD cameras to get an inside view of the line. This allows them to be as thorough as possible when inspecting a sewer line — they can control how fast the camera is moving through the sewer line, and they can stop it if they need to take a longer look at any given section. Using a camera to inspect the sewer, they can zero in on the smallest traces of damage to the line, or determine the exact origin of a blockage. This type of information can be invaluable because it will help determine the tools that can and cannot be used to remove the problem. For example, our technicians know how to recognize a line that wouldn’t be able to withstand the full blast of Hydro Jetting.

Once they are sure they have a complete picture of the goings on in the sewer line, our technicians will offer you advice on what to do next. The line might be fine but in need of some cleaning, in which case they’ll recommend Hydro Jetting. Or, it might be showing signs of damage, leading our technicians to recommend a trenchless solution. Either way, you can trust them completely — they are certified, trained, skills, and have your best interests at heart. They will determine the exact cause of the problem, and they will offer a solution that will fix it. If you live in or near Grandview Heights, OH and you want your sewer inspected, DrainMaster is waiting for your call.

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