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Prior to the advent of the sewer camera inspection, experts were limited to using an educated guess to identify a problem and locate its source. Today, sewer camera inspections represent a revolutionary and simple way to reduce job times, increase accuracy and efficiency, and reduce cost, and at DrainMaster, we are proud to offer our customers these services and all of their benefits in the Powell community.

Our sewer camera inspections have been innovated with the advancements in technology and become trenchless procedures, requiring minimal digging to be effective and comprehensive. In the past, inspections weren’t as reliable because the inspections involved the technicians to dig massive trenches to reach the pipes before any repairs or inspections could even be conducted. Today, only a small access point is required to access and service your entire system. This minimally invasive technique not only keeps your landscaping or basement floor intact, it also removes a significant amount of time off your job, and reduces the clean-up costs you would have to undergo with a traditional procedure.

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When we are called for a job, our van is fully-stocked with all of the necessary equipment, and after we arrive, our visit begins with a sewer camera inspection. A small, high-definition camera is threaded into the sewer pipe by our technician. Clear video footage recorded of the interior of the pipelines is fed to a monitor for reference, and this inside look at the condition of the pipes allows us to accurately locate and diagnose any problems or early warning signs of potential complications that could arise in the future. We share the footage with our customers after our inspection is finished in order to determine what the best solution is for fixing the damage discovered in the pipes. Our expert engineer will perform a sewer camera inspection prior to all of our other procedures to ensure precision, accuracy, and a fast and efficient job. This way, we can guarantee that the solutions we recommend will be comprehensive and long-lasting, leaving little room for error or speculation. With our precision and accuracy, our customers can rest easy knowing that their needs will be met.

We recommend that most homes and businesses receive an annual check-up in the form of a camera inspection and drain cleaning. With our inspections done regularly, we can keep your sewer system operating at optimal conditions and prevent small issues from becoming major disasters. This yearly service package can be performed at any time, and we recommend that these inspections are conducted prior to holiday seasons with lots of people using the system frequently. This adds strain to the system, and our sewer camera inspections will be capable of capturing the early stages of a clog accumulating or a leak forming before it creates irreversible damage.

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