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DrainMaster is proud to be experts in trenchless sewer repairs. When compared to the traditional forms of sewer repairs and replacements, this option saves time and money while producing the same or better outcomes. Trenchless sewer repair options mean that the work that is done involves little to no digging. In traditional plumbing services, it would require technicians to directly access the pipes to treat them or even just to evaluate them during an inspection. Now, thanks to these advancements, professionals across the industry are able to forego the digging and address any and all issues using the small access points. We are happy to bring these industry-leading offerings to the area of Columbus, OH for our residential and commercial customers.

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Drain Inspections

The first step we will take before attempting to fix your pipes is performing a thorough sewer camera inspection on your system. This allows us to determine many things, including whether or not you are in need of a sewer repair, replacement, or just a simple cleaning.The main things we are looking for during inspections are issues such as cracks, leaks, or holes; however, we also determine if your pipes are in good condition overall, but are just due for a routine cleaning or if there are more serious issues that may warrant a total replacement.

Hydro Jetting

If our inspection determines that your pipes are suffering from corrosion and large amounts of buildup, we will perform hydro jetting, which is a trenchless form of drain leaning. This process involves the use of highly pressurized water to blast away any buildup or blockages that lie within the pipes. This is important because the toxic layers that build up over the years could lead to decay of the pipes, causing the premature need to replace your system. The cleaning strips down the pipes to their original state, which is important in our next step, which involves relining the pipes if damage is discovered.

Pipe Lining

Sewer pipe lining is the core component to trenchless repairs and replacements. Pipe lining, or cured in place pipe lining, leaves you with a new pipe inside of the old one. After the cleaning of the pipes, our DrainMaster professionals take an epoxy liner filled with resin solution and push it throughout the pipes. The liner is cut perfectly to fit your sewer system and then inflated. It forms tightly to the pipes and seals any cracks, leaks, or holes. After it hardens, we cut holes anywhere the pipes connect and our customers are left with a brand new sewer system in one service visit and in less than one day of work. Best of all, your new pipes are guaranteed to least upwards of 50 years due to the high-quality resin we deposit.

If you are worried that your Columbus sewer system is failing and you’re in need of a trenchless sewer repair, call DrainMaster for your sewer inspection to get the process started.

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