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No matter the season, you want to know your plumbing will run smoothly. Regular plumbing maintenance is the best way to ensure your pipes are in top shape year-round. When you take the time to have a Columbus, OH plumber routinely inspect your pipes, the technician can detect small issues before they become costly problems. While a call to an emergency plumber isn’t always avoidable, these steps will help you maintain your system throughout the year.

Routine Plumbing Maintenance Services

Pipes are affected by your lifestyle and the environment. Because you can’t see what’s happening inside the plumbing system, it’s crucial to have a professional plumber inspect the system, explain the condition of your pipes, and take the necessary steps to prolong the life of your pipes.

1. Sewer Camera Inspection
Just because you can’t see the inside of your pipes doesn’t mean you should ignore them. A camera inspection will reveal what the inner lining of your system looks like. Video inspection can reveal buildup, debris, or cracks in the pipes. Having a Columbus, OH plumber perform a camera inspection every one to two years alerts you to pipe leaks, invasive tree roots, or advance deterioration. The plumber will use a malleable cable with a waterproof camera attached to view your pipes.

2. Hydro Jetting
Pipes naturally accumulate buildup after years of use. Grease, hair, and other debris begin to line the walls of your pipes, making it harder for your system to remove waste and deliver water. Keep your pipes clean in an environmentally-friendly with Hydro Jetting. Your Columbus pipes will be as good as new after this thorough cleaning process. A rotating nozzle is inserted into your pipes and high water pressure is used to wash away grease, tree roots, scales, and other clogs. Have this safe pipe cleaning service performed every one to two years.

3. Visual Inspection
A visual inspection of your exposed pipes can help prevent damage as the temperatures and seasons change. Walk along the exterior of your home to look for cracks or small openings near the foundation, dripping outdoor faucets, or pooling water in your yard. Also survey the exposed pipes in your basement or attic to ensure there are no cracks or obvious corrosion.

Benefits Of Preventative Plumbing

Help your residential or commercial plumbing system run more efficiently and extend the life of your pipes with routine plumbing maintenance. A yearly camera inspection, hydro jetting services, and visually inspecting your pipes will provide peace of mind that your home’s plumbing system is running smoothly.

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