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Routine water heater service can help your unit run more efficiently and extend the life of the system. Traditional water heaters last between 10 and 12 years, while tankless water heater systems can perform for up to 20 years. Understanding the needs of your unique system will help you know when repairs are needed. By having routine water heater service performed, your home will benefit in four major ways.

Save Money

When your water heater is routinely inspected and small repairs are made, the unit operates at optimal level. Your Columbus, Ohio water heater repair company will thoroughly inspect the unit for any cracks, loose parts, or sediment buildup. When the unit is running efficiently, it uses less power to operate, saving you money each month on your utility bills.

Extend The Life Of The Unit

It’s not cheap to replace a water heater, so keeping your current unit properly maintained will help extend the life of the system. Regular maintenance allows the unit to be cleaned and ensured it’s running smoothly. When the water heater exerts less energy while in use, less wear and corrosion occur.

Consistent Hot Water Service

Cold showers are no fun. By having your water heater properly maintained, you can ensure consistent hot water service into your home or business. Without routine inspection and service, the water heater will develop sediment buildup. The sediment makes it harder for your unit to heat water, which means you wait longer for warm water and there’s less of it.

Prevent Major (And Costly) Damage

A yearly inspection of your water heater means a technician can detect and prevent major issues from occurring. Small issues are caught during the inspections, but without the routine service, those small cracks or loose parts could easily turn into water damage and a broken water heater.

Keep your monthly utility bills low and your family supplied with hot water by including a yearly water heater inspection in your home maintenance plan.  Choose a reliable company to inspect and service your system so you know your water heater will perform well for years to come.

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