Drain snaking can be an effective drain cleaning technique under certain circumstances. But if you have a clogged drain or one that’s increasingly slow due to a significant buildup of debris, hydro jetting done by a reliable drain cleaning company like DrainMaster can be a more effective cleaning method. It’s similar to our other drain cleaning services in that the goal is to be as minimally invasive as possible while still producing the desired results. The main benefits associated with this comprehensive cleaning process include:

  • It allows stubborn clogs to be safely cleared
  • The results of hydro jetting are often long-lasting
  • Difficult-to-reach spots in drains can be safely cleaned
  • It’s a cost-effective alternative to more traditional pipe cleaning methods
  • It’s done through a convenient access point from inside your home or business

Common Causes of Clogging

The main reason for any type of drain cleaning in Columbus, OH, and nearby areas is to restore normal water flow to drains. As for why you may need drain cleaning, common reasons include clogs that develop over time from soap, hair, and other household materials that can get into drains and small items that accidentally fall down drains. You may also have a clogged drain if you run a business with drains normally exposed to grease and other harsh substances, and clogs in sewer drains sometimes develop because of corrosion or invasive tree roots.

The Hydro Jetting Process

This drain cleaning process involves delivering a highly concentrated volume of water into a drain pipe. It’s a type of power-washing that’s done by inserting a specially designed hose with a nozzle on it into a hole that leads to your drain. Water that’s highly pressurized is then directed into the drain that needs to be cleaned.

The force of the water removes debris and other substances that could be affecting how your drain works. With sewer lines, hydro jetting is done in a way that takes advantage of the way such pipes are designed to naturally dislodge debris so that it’s safely cleared away.

Advantages of Hydro Jetting

Even if traditional drain cleaning methods like drain snaking are initially effective, residue can continue to accumulate deeper within your drains. This increases your odds of experiencing more clogs. This is less likely to happen with hydro jetting, which is why it’s a drain cleaning method that can easily save you money.

What’s more, hydro jetting can be considered an environmentally friendly process since you won’t have to use toxic or hazardous drain cleaning chemicals to restore optimal drain flow. It’s also a good preventative maintenance technique.

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