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The sewer line in your home is one of the most critical parts of your plumbing system, but is also one of the most neglected ones. The average homeowner lets the days pass by, which quickly turn into weeks, months, and years, and never pays attention to the sewer pipes until something goes wrong. When you least expect it, the toilet will start to overflow or the water will not drain in the bathroom or kitchen sinks.

Sewer issues are no fun: they are messy, smelly, and can also be dangerous for your health since sewage is full of bacteria and contaminants. Many of the problems we deal with when repairing a sewer could have been avoided with proper inspection and maintenance.

What can happen to my sewer line if I don’t take good care of it?

Every sewer line is composed of a series of pipes that have a specific life expectancy. As they age, they become brittle and fragile, so cracks and holes can start to appear. Some materials like cast-iron are prone to corrosion, which eats away the pipe walls, while others are prone to root intrusion.

Roots are indeed a big problem for any sewer line. As the tree searches for water, its roots can find their way into the sewer line. Once they are in the sewer pipes they have the perfect environment to thrive in, full of moisture and nutrients. Roots will grow and expand, creating a blockages and causing stress on the pipe. In old pipes, this type of clog can make them crack or burst.

Clogs are another reason you should regularly have the sewer pipes inspected. Soap, skin flakes, and hair from the showers, as well as the grease and food bits that are sent through the kitchen sink can stick to the sewer pipes and form a sticky obstruction. At first, the water flow will start to slow down, but as more debris clings to the clog and builds up the pipe can get obstructed entirely, and no matter how much chemical cleaner you pour or how hard you plunge, you will not be able to remove this blockage without hiring a professional technician.

How often do I need to get my Sewer Inspection?

As soon as you notice anything wrong with your plumbing, have a sewer inspection performed to pinpoint the exact issue. Inspections nowadays are done by sending a camera into the pipes and watching a live video feed that shows us the condition of the line and any cracks, holes, or root intrusion that may be present.

If your sewer seems to be working fine, a yearly inspection can keep the pipes clean of debris and free of leaks. Prevention is key, and by having the line regularly inspected we can detect any potential issues and solve them before they turn into something that could damage the pipes or interrupt your water service.

At DrainMaster Ohio we have the experience and training required to inspect and rehabilitate any sewer line. Give us a call and keep your drains flowing as they should.

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