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It’s easy to maintain healthy drains if you can control what flows through them. The good news is that avoiding a clogged drain is a cost-friendly and effortless process when you work with an expert from DrainMaster. We will help you explore drain maintenance techniques. While at it, you can learn ways to extend the lifespan of your drains, such as:

Look Out for Troubles

A minor issue with your pipes may turn into a disaster if not fixed in time by an expert. If you notice leaks around your house or a foul smell emanating from the sink, engage with us for drain cleaning in Columbus, OH. Keeping petty troubles in check eventually allows your drains to serve you longer.

Practice Good Plumbing Habits

Keeping your drains in tip-top shape starts with practicing good plumbing habits. This includes flushing only human waste and toilet paper. Throw everything else, like paper towels, cotton balls, and feminine hygiene products, in the trash bin.

Furthermore, avoid using chemical drain cleaners as they aren’t always effective at clearing clogs. Their caustic ingredients can only corrode your pipes, worsening the problem. Always seek professional drain cleaning services to restore smooth drainage.

Install Drain Guards

Drain guards trap debris and other waste to prevent blockages from forming in your pipes. They are especially useful in showers, where drains are prone to clogging due to loose hair and soap scum. Drain guards are available in different types and sizes, and our drain cleaning company can recommend the best one for your needs.

Get the Most Out Of Your Drains

With proper maintenance, your drains will last for several years to come. All your pipes need is an expert’s touch, and you can be on your way to using them for their entire serviceable life. Our cleaning services, which include drain snaking, are tailored to suit the specific piping system in your home. Contact DrainMaster for excellent customer service and professional drain solutions in Ohio.

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