At DrainMaster, we are experts when it comes to water heater brands and their quality. Our team at DrainMaster is able to repair, replace, and install a variety of water heaters. At DrainMaster, we recommend the following water heater brands as they bring the best value in terms of home comfort and increased efficiency.

Our team at DrainMaster is able to serivce the following water heater brands with accuracy and precision:

A.O. Smith
A.O. Smith is a household brand that makes boilers, water heaters and storage tanks for residential and commercial purposes. Moreover, the company proudly offers a wide range of high efficiency solar, tankless and hybrid water heaters for all clienteles. A.O. Smith’s products are on the pricier side, but you can be sure that it’s an investment that will last for a long, long time.

General Electric
G.E. is a longstanding brand that makes electric and gas water heaters. Their heater tanks come in many different capacities. There are multiple warranty levels and energy efficient ratings per size as well. More notably, G.E. is the maker of GeoSpring, an electric heat pump sold in the U.S.

Rheem makes electric and gas water heaters for residential homes. The brand sells a wide variety of heaters, including solar, electric, gas and hybrids in tank or tankless variants. Rheem has a reputation for delivering durable water heater units that stand the test of time.

Kenmore water heaters are some of the least expensive ones you can buy today. They’re the perfect choice for consumers who need a new water heater within budget. You can choose between electric, natural gas and hybrid options depending on your needs.

Bradford White Corporation
Bradford White is a water heater company specializing in space heating and water heating for commercial and residential applications in either electric or gas models.

When it comes to tankless models, brands Rheem and Rinnai stand out in the market. Rinnai, in particular is preferred as it features innovative engineering while keeping the consumer’s best interests in mind.

Bosch is one of the leading brands in tankless water heaters. They have a reputation for building sturdy products that are remarkably durable and reliable at the same time. Their flagship is the natural gas tankless heater variant, which is powered by the Smart Bosch Technology, delivering up to 98% in efficiency.


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