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Repairing Pipe Bursts

No property owner wants to have one or more of their water pipes burst. Leaking pipes cause enough damage when it’s merely a small leak, however, when a pipe bursts, the surrounding water damage is expensive and a major stressor. The right professional plumber, however, can eliminate the of the emotional stress as well was as the financial stress of that situation. Call DrainMaster at (614) 276-1510 when you need fast service for burst pipe repairs in Columbus, OH. Burst pipes are no joking matter and without being mended or replaced, they can mean much more flooding in your future.

Pipe Bursting

When temperatures drop below freezing, water expands within pipes as it freezes. Expansion within the enclosed water pipes stresses and weaken the structural integrity of the piping system. This is what leads to burst pipes both at home and in the workplace. Luckily, most residential plumbing systems are covered with insulation or intentionally placed within areas which rarely reach the freezing point. However, if even one section of your piping is exposed to freezing temperatures or the insulation is compromised into early failure, then your water line is at risk. Even if the initial expansion of freezing water doesn’t cause your pipes to burst, then the pressure of flowing water combined with the frozen portions blocking sections of your pipes lead to bursts.

Have you heard of the trickle-water trick? Many homeowners monitor the weather channel during the winter for signs of when the first night the temperature may hit below freezing will occur. On that night, they turn on every faucet in their home to a slow drip in order to prevent frozen or burst pipes. This is because it is still water which, when exposed to cold air, freezes solid. If the water remains in motion, even at a trickle, then the water cannot freeze and will not provide the pressure which builds to burst pipes.

Flooding Fixers

If you’ve discovered a burst pipe, call in a professional immediately to locate the leak and repair the damage. The quickest way you may discover your pipes have burst is by either being flooded or discovering that your water pressure throughout the home has been reduced drastically. If you detect either of these, then call a professional DrainMaster today! We are the experts that you can depend on for your quick and effective burst pipe repair in Columbus, OH. Give us a call at (614) 276-1510.

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