While having trees in your yard improve its curb appeal and atmosphere, their roots may pose a risk to your home’s plumbing. Tree roots are powerful enough to penetrate sewer lines in search of water, resulting in clogs and drain issues. Drain Master Ohio recommends that you take preventive measures to protect your property if you have trees.

Root Barriers

One way to prevent these root from encroaching on your pipes, whether you’re in Columbus or Cincinnati, is to create a root barrier. This requires some manual labor as you will need to dig down to your pipeline’s location. Then you can cut through any roots that are in close proximity to your line. It is also possible to bury a wood or metal barrier six to twelve inches deep. These can be placed between the tree and your sewer system, at least three to five feet from your home. These can help prevent the roots from reaching your home.

Choose Your Trees Strategically

If you plan on landscaping and would like to plant a few trees, pick ones that are slow growing. Oak or sugar maple trees generally take more time to develop long roots than the willows or elm trees, which have roots that travel deep underground. Oak tree also has roots that grow horizontally, rather than vertically. Taking the size of your yard into account can also help you decide if the trees might be planted too close to your home. This could increase the risk of root invasion. Tree roots can also grow two to three times longer than the size of the tree, so they should not be planted close to your home.

Should a tree be growing close to your home and is already causing damage, it may be a good option to have it professionally removed. Allowing it to continue to grow could cause greater damage to your home, pipe systems, and foundation.  

If you have any additional questions about tree root prevention or the sign of root invasion, please give us a call. Our Ohio staff is waiting to discuss your pipeline issues and help you determine the best solution for your property.

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