Don’t Know What To Do About Your Rattling Pipes?

If your pipes have become noisy, then it is time to quiet them! Shaking, rattling, or loose banging pipes. The best way to identify the cause to your noisy pipe system is not only the sound itself, but also where it seems to be coming from and when it happens. The most common type of pipe rattling is known as “water hammer.”

Water hammer happens when the natural water flow comes to a sudden stop or shift of direction within your pipes. This can occur when a valve of faucet has been shut off and left uncorrected. The rattling is not only caused by the shift or cessation of water flow, but also because the forcefully directed water is known to loosen fittings, break fittings and snap valves.

If you have noticed a water hammer rattling within your pipes or shaking noise emanating from your walls or behind your plumbing fixtures, it’s time to call in the professional plumbers. A licensed plumber, like those employed and trained at Drain Tamer in Columbus, OH, will inspect the sound and your system, diagnose the source, and make the proper repairs at a low cost to you with even less stress for yourself and your schedule. Noisy pipes or shaking pipes can become much bigger than a minor rattling pipe problem. Call today to make an appointment. (614) 276-1510

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