water line repair in Upper Arlington, OH.

A water line is an extremely important part of your home’s plumbing system. When you suspect a damaged water line, DrainMaster Ohio encourages you to take action as soon as possible. According to an experienced plumber in Upper Arlington, OH, these are some of the most common reasons water lines become damaged.

Installation Mistakes

Quality water line installation in Upper Arlington, OH is important. When getting a new water line installed, always hire a reputable plumbing company to do the job. Amateurs are more prone to making errors, which could lead to damage. It’s a task that demands a high level of professionalism.

Freezing Temperatures

During the winter, you are more likely to encounter a damaged water line in Upper Arlington, OH. This is why it’s important to properly insulate your plumbing system. If the pipe freezes over, it could burst. Even a minor crack will need to be repaired. Don’t wait to contact a licensed plumber about fixing the problem.

Shifting Soil Under The Surface

It’s often extremely difficult to prevent shifting soil under the surface. Uncontrollable factors can naturally cause the ground to move. Rocks and other debris can puncture the pipe. New water line installation in Upper Arlington, OH may be necessary.

Tree Roots

When performing water line replacement in Upper Arlington, OH, technicians try to steer clear of tree roots. However, some roots can spread several feet through the ground. Even the toughest water line is no match for a powerful tree root.


Animals can also require you to need water line repair in Upper Arlington, OH. Gophers, rats, and beavers can all cause problems. These pests are attracted to sources of water.

When in need of professional water line services in Upper Arlington, OH, be sure to contact DrainMaster Ohio. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form today.

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