3 Times Plumbers Got In Hot Water

Doing a good job shouldn’t be that difficult, but the three plumbers below managed to not only get themselves in trouble, but to disrespect the profession as well. The vast majority of plumbers are trustworthy and competent. That’s why the shady elements make headlines. Here are three times plumbers didn’t live up to expectations.

The Thief

Theft is never a good idea — especially when the person you’re stealing from is the same one who signs your paychecks! Joshua Veach had been hired by an Oklahoma plumbing company. His boss probably expected the new hire to be trustworthy when he entrusted a van and equipment to Veach. Unfortunately, Veach thought he could make some extra bucks by making off with over $6,000 worth of tools and other equipment. Now he’s in jail awaiting trial for theft.

a photo of a shady looking plumber dollThe Con Man

Georgia plumber Rodney Morales is accused of pulling one of the oldest and simplest scams in the book: Taking people’s money, then failing to perform the work they paid for. Once the complaints began to pile up, customers realized they were being taken for a ride by someone with an F rating from the Better Business Bureau. They had relied on online reviews and word of mouth when they decided to hire Morales. Buyer beware!

The Fraudster

A plumber in Australia is accused of treating his employees unfairly. Jason Cooper is being sued by an ex employee who says he instructed her to fake records and give them to the trade union Royal Commission. She says she has suffered extreme anguish and has become disabled as a result. Cooper is accused of faking employee records and pay slips to make it seem like he was treating his workers fairly. The case remains under investigation.

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